We're Crypto Ecosystem Builders

We are a product based Blockchain company focused on building critical products and solutions on top of the most promising crypto projects in the space. Our products empower our users with a great experience thanks to our domain expertise in the full Blockchain stack.

Ecosystems We Are Building In



A modern high-throughput blockchain which brings parallelized smart contracts, short block confirmation times, and a Rust-based smart contract language that sets itself apart.



A novel p2p network which specializes in off-chain identity, messaging, and computation. Urbit is one of the most promising up and coming decentralized non-blockchain projects out there.



At the forefront of smart contracts in the UTXO model, dcSpark is making large strides in helping the Plutus ecosystem grow by producing writeups about new design patterns to releasing fully implemented smart contracts.

Our Team

Nicolas Arqueros
Co-founder and CEO

Nicolas has experience both founding and advising many successful startups during his career. He was previously the CTO for EMURGO and and a former Co-General Partner at dLab.

Sebastien Guillemot
Co-founder and CTO

After working at Microsoft, Sebastien joined EMURGO as the VP of Engineering & Product Manager where his team built products that grew to 6-digit active user counts and lead development of SDKs used by large companies like Coinbase.

Robert Kornacki
Co-founder and CSO

Robert started as a fellow in dLab (blockchain accelerator program) and subsequently joined the EF as a board member and EMURGO as Head of Research where he developed design patterns and smart contracts that handle millions in assets.

Current Positions

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