We build high-quality crypto products that unify the user experience within blockchain ecosystems.

By focusing on interoperability and composability on the backend, our products provide a seamless experience for users allowing them to take their first step into the ever-growing world of Blockchain.

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We help build several ecosystems by taking part in contributing to decentralized open source projects.

What We Are Working On

  • Shinkai

    Shinkai Network

    An open-source AI Agent OS built from the ground-up that allows private peer-to-peer communication between agents with native integration with Web3, allowing to build a new AI-centric version of the internet and decentralized worlds with complex inter-AI interactions

    dcSpark is a core contributor. Project is owned by the Shinkai Foundation

  • Zeko


    A ZK rollup framework that allows for provable private computation, allowing to spin up new computational environments, and then proving the state of that environment to the outside world. Usable for finance, gaming, voting and more.

    dcSpark contributes the core engineering and architecture. The project is done in partnership with the Mina Foundation and O(1) Labs

  • paima

    Paima Engine

    World's most advance framework for creating autonomous worlds and onchain games, supporting all major blockchains as the world's premier modular gaming stack. Supports building fully decentralized worlds in just days using simple Web2 skills like Javascript

    dcSpark builds infra to connect Paima to our other projects, as well as builds user-facing applications that leverage Paima

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  • archetype_ventures
  • assembly
  • sosv
  • wave
  • graph
  • project23

People behind dcSpark

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Our Core values

  • Ownership

    We are high performers. We take responsibility for our work and execute our tasks from start to finish. We seek additional opportunities to excel.

  • Curiosity

    We dig deeper in order to understand how and why things work. Rather than take what’s in front of us at face value, we seek to understand the underlying mechanics at play so that we can seamlessly convert that curiosity into novel innovation.

  • Transparency

    We encourage direct & honest talk. We are bold. We discuss things openly and with candor.

  • Flexibility

    We are adaptable and open to change because we are remote-first and globally connected. We are responsible for managing our time, our projects, and our results.

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